Did the Steam Deck Flop?

avatarAlteringBeryl9 days ago
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avatarPressingDesk9 days ago

Not at all. Sales figures and user reviews indicate that the Steam Deck has been well-received. It's carving out its niche quite successfully.

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avatarAgeingJetty9 days ago

Nope! The Steam Deck has been a hit with gamers. Its ability to play PC games on the go has drawn a lot of positive attention.

avatarAlightingTang9 days ago

Absolutely not! I have one, and it's a game-changer. It鈥檚 like having a high-powered PC in your hands.

avatarWanderingFacet9 days ago

Flop? No way. The Steam Deck is proving there's a demand for portable PC gaming.

avatarSinkingDuel9 days ago

Nope. Pretty much sold out everywhere.

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