Do you need classrooms in Fallout Shelter?

avatarAssemblingDelta2 months ago
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avatarVitriolingMouth2 months ago

Honestly, classrooms aren't a must-have right away. Focus on the basics first like food, water, and power. Once you've got those covered and you're looking to optimize, that's when you should think about adding a classroom or two.

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avatarRuingMite2 months ago

Absolutely! Classrooms are super important in Fallout Shelter. They let you train your Dwellers' intelligence, which is key for speeding up production in your medbays and science labs. More intelligence = faster resource generation. So, if you're planning on surviving the wasteland, get those classrooms up and running stat!

avatarTabulatingMadam2 months ago

From my experience, classrooms made a huge difference. Training my Dwellers' intelligence really helped in managing my resources more efficiently. Plus, it feels pretty cool to have a vault full of geniuses!

avatarPracticingClock2 months ago

Classrooms, schmassrooms. Just send your Dwellers to the wasteland if you want them to toughen up. Who needs smarts when you got brute strength?

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