Does Dead by Daylight Work on Steam Deck?

avatarBurstingHong·11 days ago
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avatarSawingBully·11 days ago

Yes, Dead by Daylight works on the Steam Deck! It’s verified, which means it should run smoothly without any major issues. Happy hunting!

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avatarDislikingTramp·11 days ago

I’ve been playing Dead by Daylight on my Steam Deck, and it runs great. Quick matches, smooth gameplay—no complaints here!

avatarImplementingPons·11 days ago

Absolutely! Dead by Daylight on the Steam Deck is a go! Just make sure you keep an eye on those frame rates sometimes.

avatarRavellingMane·11 days ago

It's playable but be prepared for occasional hiccups, especially in high-action scenes. But overall, it's a yes.

avatarBurstingHong·11 days ago

Technically, it works fine, but don’t expect the same performance as a high-end gaming PC.

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