Does Deathmatch Improve Aim in Valorant?

avatarSigningSpine3 months ago
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avatarAlightingTanga month ago

Absolutely! Deathmatch is like the gym for your aiming muscles. Think of it this way: you're jumping into a scenario with constant action, which means you're getting a ton of practice tracking and flicking on targets without the pressure of a full match. Plus, it's a great way to warm up before diving into ranked games. Just remember, focusing on your mechanics during deathmatch can really help translate those skills into your competitive matches.

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avatarEarningOuncea month ago

Honestly, it's overrated. You're better off spending time in aim trainers if you want to see real improvement. Deathmatch can be chaotic and doesn't always mimic the aiming scenarios you'll find in a real match. Aim trainers let you practice more specific skills in a controlled environment.

avatarTrottingAreaa month ago

Short answer: Yes, but not alone. Deathmatch is solid for warming up and improving mechanical aim because you're engaging in a lot of gunfights. But remember, aim isn't everything in Valorant. You also need to work on strategy, ability usage, and team play. Mix in some Aim Lab or Kovaak's sessions and review your game VODs for the best results.

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