Does Dying Light 2 Work on Steam Deck?

avatarAgeingJetty·12 days ago
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avatarSawingBully·12 days ago

Yep, I’ve played Dying Light 2 on my Steam Deck without any major issues. Runs pretty well, just don't expect max settings.

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avatarBakingAlert·12 days ago

Nope, it chugs too hard on the Deck. Stick to less demanding games if you want a good experience.

avatarReplyingTheft·12 days ago

Yes, Dying Light 2 works on the Steam Deck! Just make sure your settings are adjusted to get the smoothest gameplay.

avatarForetellingTable·12 days ago

I can confirm from personal experience that Dying Light 2 runs decently on the Steam Deck. You'll probably need to tweak some settings to avoid frame drops, though.

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