Does Every Game Work on the Steam Deck?

avatarBruisingTopaz10 days ago
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avatarRequestingFinal10 days ago

Not every game works on the Steam Deck, but a huge number of them do! Valve has been working on compatibility, and you can check the 'Deck Verified' status on Steam to see if a game is fully supported.

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avatarBruisingTopaz10 days ago

I鈥檝e been using my Steam Deck since it launched, and I can say most of my library works great. But yeah, some games might have issues or just not be supported yet.

avatarAttallingHalt10 days ago

Hot take: A lot, but not everything. Roll the dice!

avatarResolvingGame10 days ago

Nope! While many games are compatible, not all of them are. Check the game's compatibility details on Steam.

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