Does Immortals Fenyx Work on Steam Deck?

avatarRequestingFinal10 days ago
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avatarAlteringBeryl10 days ago

Absolutely, Immortals Fenyx Rising runs quite well on the Steam Deck! You might have to tweak a few settings for the best performance, but otherwise, it's a solid experience.

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avatarBurstingHong10 days ago

Yeah, it works! I鈥檝e played it for hours on my Steam Deck without any major issues. Make sure you update your drivers, though.

avatarRegulatingHale10 days ago

Yes, but honestly, the battery life takes a hit. Worth it if you're near a charger, though!

avatarCarryingTree10 days ago

It works, but you might need to lower some graphics settings to keep it smooth. Still, very playable and fun!

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