Does RAM increase FPS in Valorant?

avatarAssemblingDelta3 months ago
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avatarRemovingMytha month ago

Yep, more RAM can help with FPS in Valorant, especially if you're running on the lower end of the requirements. Valorant's not too heavy, but having enough RAM (like 8GB or more) means your computer can handle the game and background processes smoother. This could bump up your FPS, making gameplay smoother. Just remember, it's a piece of the puzzle - GPU and CPU matter a lot too!

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avatarNailingSurgea month ago

Nah, adding more RAM won't magically boost your FPS to pro gamer levels. If your PC meets Valorant's minimum requirements, focus on your graphics card. That's where the real FPS gains are.

avatarRegulatingHalea month ago

I added more RAM to my setup and noticed Valorant ran smoother. Less stutter and faster load times. So yeah, it helps!

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