Does Tekken 8 work on Steam Deck?

avatarCluingWear10 days ago
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avatarUnifyingSlum10 days ago

I tried Tekken 8 on my Steam Deck, and it runs pretty smoothly! Some minor adjustments might be needed, but it's definitely playable.

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avatarRequestingFinal10 days ago

Nope, it's not officially verified for Steam Deck yet. Might need to wait for an update.

avatarResolvingGame10 days ago

Tekken 8 works on the Steam Deck. You might need to lower some settings to get the best performance, but it's definitely playable!

avatarSinkingDuel10 days ago

Yes, Tekken 8 works on Steam Deck! You might need to tweak settings for optimal performance, but it's a knockout experience.

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