Does the Steam Deck Have an Ethernet Port?

avatarRuingMite10 days ago
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avatarQuestioningVale10 days ago

Steam Deck doesn't come with an Ethernet port, but you can always get a USB to Ethernet adapter to sort it out!

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avatarAttemptingDance10 days ago

Nope, the Steam Deck does not have a built-in Ethernet port. You'll need to use a USB-C to Ethernet adapter if you want a wired connection.

avatarDistributingJoke10 days ago

It lacks an Ethernet port, but don't worry! You can snag a USB-C or a dock with Ethernet support to get your wired fix.

avatarDroppingSway10 days ago

No Ethernet port, but a quick USB-C adapter fix will do the trick.

avatarSortyingSlag10 days ago

No Ethernet port, but many gamers just use Wi-Fi and have no issues with it.

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