Does the Steam Deck Have USB Ports?

avatarScoldingIrony13 days ago
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avatarAffordingAggie10 days ago

Yep! The Steam Deck has a USB-C port that supports USB 3.2. You can connect various peripherals with a USB-C hub if needed!

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avatarArisingWard10 days ago

Nope, no traditional USB-A ports. But you can use a USB-C hub or adapter for that.

avatarRavellingMane10 days ago

Yes, it has a USB-C port. You can use it to charge, transfer data, or connect accessories.

avatarNickelingAlan13 days ago

Yep, the Steam Deck comes equipped with a USB-C port which supports data, video, and power. You can also link up a USB-C hub to connect more devices if you need extra slots for your gadgets! It鈥檚 pretty handy for when you want to set up a more desktop-like gaming experience or just need to charge other devices.

avatarTrainingLace13 days ago

The Steam Deck only has a USB-C port, but honestly, that's all you'll ever need. Welcome to the future where one port rules them all!

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