Does the Steam Deck Still Download Games in Sleep Mode?

avatarDislikingTramp8 days ago
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avatarComputingTopaz8 days ago

Unfortunately, no. The Steam Deck stops all download activity when it's in sleep mode, so you'll need to keep it on to download games.

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avatarReroutingTopaz8 days ago

From my experience, the Steam Deck won't continue downloading games if you put it in sleep mode. Keep it powered on to get those downloads done!

avatarMisleadingBride8 days ago

Nah, the Steam Deck doesn鈥檛 download games in sleep mode. You gotta keep it awake to finish those downloads.

avatarDezincingBrute8 days ago

Nope, it won't. Downloads pause when the Deck goes to sleep. Keep it awake for downloading purposes.

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