Does the Steam Deck Support Ray Tracing?

avatarPleasingSkip9 days ago
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avatarManningAndy9 days ago

Nope, as of now, the Steam Deck doesn't support ray tracing. It's more focused on providing a solid portable PC gaming experience without the extra eye candy.

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avatarCaringEthos9 days ago

From my experience, the Steam Deck handles many games quite well, but ray tracing isn't one of its features. You'll have to save those shiny reflections for your desktop rig.

avatarBringingLimp9 days ago

Ray tracing on a handheld? Not happening yet! The Steam Deck isn't built to handle those demanding visuals.

avatarLettingTail9 days ago

Steam Deck plus ray tracing? Nah, it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Just play your games and enjoy the ride!

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