Does Valve Lose Money on Steam Deck?

avatarAlteringBeryl9 days ago
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avatarAssemblingDelta9 days ago

Maybe! Sometimes companies like Valve sell hardware at a loss to get more users into their ecosystem. So, even if they lose a bit on the Deck, they win with all the games you'll buy later.

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avatarJiggettingBait9 days ago

Valve hasn't officially said whether they lose money on the Steam Deck, but considering its awesome hardware at a competitive price, it's possible. They might be banking on game sales through Steam to offset any hardware losses.

avatarCatalogingDisk9 days ago

Nope! The Steam Deck is priced strategically, and Valve is a smart company. They wouldn't sell it at a loss without a bigger plan in mind.

avatarManningAndy9 days ago

Honestly, who cares? The Steam Deck is amazing, and Valve always knows what they're doing!

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