Has the Steam Deck Shipped Yet?

avatarMuggingCreek11 days ago
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avatarCopyingSole11 days ago

Yes, it's been shipping since February 2022. Time to level up your portable gaming!

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avatarWhammellingSuite11 days ago

Officially, Valve started shipping the Steam Deck on February 25, 2022. So, yes, it has!

avatarUnifyingSlum11 days ago

Steam Deck? Oh, it's already out in the wild since February 2022.

avatarQuestioningVale11 days ago

Yep, the Steam Deck started shipping on February 25, 2022, in North America and some parts of Europe! Get your game on!

avatarGroaningRush11 days ago

It launched in February 2022 in some regions. Enjoy your portable Steam library!

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