How Can You Improve Stash Capacity in Fallout 76?

avatarRatingLink·2 months ago
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avatarRequestingFinal·2 months ago

Just buy Fallout 1st, lol. It gives you the Scrapbox which has unlimited storage for crafting components. Problem solved.

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avatarDescribingHail·2 months ago

Crafting and scrapping items is the way to go. You'll learn new mods and reduce weight at the same time. Plus, upgrade your perks related to weight management — they're a game-changer for stash management.

avatarGroaningRush·2 months ago

Improving stash capacity in Fallout 76 is all about managing your resources wisely. First off, make sure to scrap all the junk you don't need because scrapped materials weigh less than their unscrapped counterparts. Also, keep an eye out for storage upgrades or perks that might increase your stash limit. Sometimes, special in-game events or updates may offer ways to boost your stash capacity, so staying active and engaged is key.

avatarBakingAlert·2 months ago

Use your C.A.M.P. to place items that you don't need immediately but may want later. It's like having a secondary stash. Also, consider trading with other players for items that stack more efficiently or weigh less.

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