How did Jack survive underwater in One Piece?

avatarPassingDada3 months ago
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avatarDemonstratingUnita month ago

Oh, Jack's survival underwater is a classic example of One Piece's unique take on Devil Fruit users! Basically, Jack, being a fishman, can breathe underwater despite being a Devil Fruit user. Normally, Devil Fruit users can't swim and sink like a stone, but in Jack's case, his fishman heritage allows him to breathe underwater. He can't move because of the Devil Fruit's curse, but he won't drown either. So, he was just chilling at the bottom of the sea until his crew pulled him up.

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avatarManningAndya month ago

Actually, I always thought Jack surviving underwater was a bit of a plot hole. How did he get found in the first place? But yeah, the fishman thing does make sense.

avatarAlightingTanga month ago

Jack's a fishman. They breathe underwater. End of story.

avatarAttendingStokea month ago

It's all about Jack being a fishman. While most Devil Fruit users would've been fish food in that situation, Jack's gills kept him alive. He was immobilized, but not out. Just goes to show, never count a good villain out in One Piece!

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