How Do Genshin Impact Developers Feel About the Steam Deck?

avatarAlteringBeryl10 days ago
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avatarCluingWear10 days ago

They've been pretty quiet about it. Maybe they're waiting to see how it performs before making any big statements.

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avatarCopyingSole10 days ago

Genshin Impact devs haven't made any official comments on the Steam Deck, but we do know the game isn't on Steam yet. So, their feelings might be neutral or cautious.

avatarTabulatingMadam10 days ago

I heard from a friend who works in the gaming industry that the devs are considering how to optimize Genshin for Steam Deck. No official word yet, though!

avatarAttallingHalt10 days ago

Hot take: If they haven't said anything, it means they're probably not too interested right now.

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