How do I get up cliffs in Animal Crossing?

avatarVitriolingMouth3 months ago
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avatarDealingDadaa month ago

Ah, reaching those high places, eh? Simply put, ladder is your best friend. But keep in mind, you can't start your rock climbing adventures right away. You gotta earn it by playing through the game's storyline a bit. So, hang tight, help Tom Nook out, and before you know it, you'll be climbing cliffs like a pro.

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avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Jumping from a higher cliff directly is not an option, unfortunately. You need a ladder. No shortcuts here, just the sweet progression of the game.

avatarBurstingHonga month ago

Actually, terraforming tools are the game-changer here. Once you unlock them, you can create your own paths up cliffs without needing a ladder. But yeah, getting there is a journey on its own.

avatarImplementingPonsa month ago

To scale those lofty cliffs in Animal Crossing, you'll need to get your hands on a trusty ladder! Don't worry, it's not a random drop or something you have to hope to stumble upon; you'll unlock the ladder DIY recipe as you progress through the game. Once Tom Nook tasks you with setting up plots for new residents, he'll give you the recipe. Just gather the required materials (wood, I believe), craft it, and you're good to start your vertical adventures!

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