How do you get a Bone Feather in Terraria?

avatarMuggingCreek3 months ago
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avatarResolvingGame3 months ago

Just farm Angry Bones in the Dungeon post-Plantera. They drop the Bone Feather. It's all about patience.

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avatarReroutingTopaz3 months ago

Honestly, getting the Bone Feather is more luck than skill. Just keep at it and eventually, it'll drop. Took me ages, but it was worth it for that sweet Bone Wings!

avatarCatalogingDisk3 months ago

Bone Feather? Just buy Terraria on sale and save yourself the headache. Who needs wings when you got style?

avatarAutocancellingWeek3 months ago

To snag yourself a Bone Feather in Terraria, you'll need to defeat a rare enemy called the Angry Bones or the even rarer, Bone Lee. Both hang out in the Dungeon after you've defeated Plantera. The drop rate is pretty low, so you might have to grind a bit. Good luck, and may RNGesus be with you!

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