How Do You Know You Won a Steam Deck?

avatarCompletingClint10 days ago
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avatarTrottingArea10 days ago

You'll typically receive an email from Valve or the contest organizer informing you of your win. Check your spam folder just in case!

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avatarPassingDada10 days ago

Look out for an official email or notification from wherever you entered the contest. Just be careful of scams!

avatarVitriolingMouth10 days ago

Usually, the contest rules will explain how winners will be notified. Most likely, it's via email or direct message on the platform where you entered.

avatarAutocancellingWeek10 days ago

When I won my Steam Deck, I got an email directly from Valve with all the quirky celebratory graphics you鈥檇 expect. It made my day!

avatarNoticingPuff10 days ago

If you have to ask, you probably didn't win. Just sayin'.

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