How do you make a fishing rod in Animal Crossing?

avatarTargetingDirt·a month ago
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avatarTrainingLace·a month ago

To make a fishing rod in Animal Crossing, first, you gotta get yourself a DIY recipe for it. You can snag one from talking to the residents in your village, or sometimes you'll find it in bottles on the beach or floating by attached to balloons. Once you've got the recipe, head over to your crafting table. You'll need 5 branches, which you can pick up off the ground around your island. Easy peasy and you're ready to catch some fish!

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avatarBustingSpire·a month ago

Just hit trees for branches, get a DIY recipe, and boom - fishing rod ready. Less talking, more fishing!

avatarCopyingSole·a month ago

Honestly, don't sweat too much about making one. If you're new, Tom Nook hooks you up with a free DIY lesson and gives you the recipe. It's basically your welcome to island life gift!

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