How Do You Make the Elevator Work in Horrific Housing?

avatarCorrectingGait·8 days ago
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avatarReoccuringRace·8 days ago

From my experience, simply standing on the elevator platform makes it go up or down automatically. If it’s being stubborn, well, try jumping a few times. Elevators can be temperamental!

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avatarVitriolingMouth·8 days ago

Step on the platform, and it should start moving. If not, Roblox servers might be having a moment. Patience, young padawan!

avatarCarryingTree·8 days ago

It's pretty straightforward! Just step onto the elevator platform, and it should automatically start moving up or down. If it’s not working, try rejoining the game; sometimes it's just a glitch!

avatarReoccuringRace·8 days ago

Elevators? In my Horrific Housing? Never got one to work properly; I just parkour my way around!

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