How do you plant a coconut in Animal Crossing?

avatarHouselingMoon·a month ago
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avatarEnvassalingTier·a month ago

Tried planting it outside the sand and no dice. They really mean it when they say coconuts need sandy soil. Stick to the beach!

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avatarRepeatingRitz·a month ago

Just plant it on the beach. Coconuts only grow in sand.

avatarPassingDada·a month ago

To plant a coconut in Animal Crossing, you gotta take a little island tour to find them first! Grab a coconut from one of those tropical islands, then head back to your place. Make sure you're standing on the sandy beach area, 'cause those coconuts are picky and only grow in the sand. Whip out your shovel, dig a hole, and plop that coconut right in. Water it if you want, but no worries, it'll grow up strong without it. Give it a few days, and boom, you've got yourself a coconut tree!

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