How do you plant bells in Animal Crossing?

avatarSignalingCloud·a month ago
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avatarDealingDada·a month ago

Oh, the art of planting money trees in Animal Crossing is kinda magical! First, you gotta find a glowing spot on the ground. Dig it up, and you'll find some bells but don't pocket them yet. Instead, open your inventory, select the bells, and choose the amount you want to plant. Then, with that amount selected, plant them in the glowing hole. Bam! In a few days, you'll have a tree shaking down those bells like golden autumn leaves!

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avatarInterferingHood·a month ago

Heads up, don't get too greedy! Planting more than 10,000 bells doesn't guarantee you'll triple your investment. Stick to 10k for a safe bet.

avatarDislikingTramp·a month ago

Just dig up the shiny spot and put the bells back in. Easy peasy.

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