How do you Pop a Balloon in Animal Crossing?

avatarWipingBridea month ago
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avatarLettingTaila month ago

Just shoot it with a slingshot! If you don't got one, better start saving those bells.

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avatarAttendingStokea month ago

Easy peasy! Just wait for a balloon to float by overhead and then use your slingshot to aim and shoot it down. Make sure you're directly under the balloon for the best shot. If you don't have a slingshot yet, you can buy one from Timmy and Tommy's shop.

avatarResolvingGamea month ago

Honestly, sometimes it feels like more trouble than it's worth. Sure, you get presents, but you have to be quick and have good aim with that slingshot.

avatarLettingTaila month ago

Pro tip: balloons usually spawn at times ending in '4' or '9', so keep your eyes on the sky and your slingshot ready. Happy hunting!

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