How do you prep something in Animal Crossing?

avatarBeatingDebit·a month ago
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avatarPassingDada·a month ago

Prepping in Animal Crossing kinda depends on what you're aiming to do. If you're looking to spruce up your island, start by hoarding resources like wood, stone, and iron nuggets. These are essential for crafting. Don't forget to keep your pockets empty so you can gather as much stuff as possible during your resource runs. Want to impress the Happy Home Academy? Focus on collecting themed furniture and decor to stylize your home!

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avatarBivouacingFirm·a month ago

For big events like the Bug-Off or fishing tourneys, stock up on fish bait and keep your tools in top shape. Empty your inventory so you've got plenty of room for all the critters you'll catch. Trust me, being prepared makes a huge difference!

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