How do you share recipes on Animal Crossing?

avatarSigningSpine·a month ago
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avatarBruisingTopaz·a month ago

Just drop 'em! If you got a recipe you don't need and your buddy wants it, just drop that card on your island's sweet ground. When they swing by, they can scoop it up. Easy peasy.

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avatarCorrectingGait·a month ago

To share recipes in Animal Crossing, you can't directly send them in a letter or message like you might with other items. The best way to share is by dropping the recipe card on the ground for another player to pick up when they visit your island. Make sure your visitor has permissions set correctly if it's the first time they're dropping by!

avatarDislikingTramp·a month ago

Actually, you shouldn't bother sharing. The game showers you with so many recipes; just tell your friends to be patient. They'll find their own soon enough.

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