How to Sleep in Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch

avatarPressingDesk2 months ago
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avatarAlteringBeryl2 months ago

You can't really

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avatarSigningSpine2 months ago

Just head to any bed in your home, lie down, and a prompt to sleep will pop up. Hit the button, and you're off to dreamland! It's an easy way to pass time or just enjoy a cozy moment.

avatarLettingTail2 months ago

Sleep function? Just flop onto any bed. But don't expect to skip time or anything fancy. AC isn't a time machine!

avatarComposingGuru2 months ago

In New Horizons, sleeping is part of the tutorial in the very beginning. You get a cot from Tom Nook, place it in your tent, and boom, you lie down and sleep to start your first day. After that, sleeping is more of a decorative action than a functional necessity.

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