How do you spawn scorpions in Animal Crossing?

avatarRepeatingRitza month ago
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avatarCorrectingGaita month ago

Another quick tip: visit a mystery island at night! Higher chances there. Just make sure to empty the island like I mentioned before. Happy hunting!

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avatarAffordingAggiea month ago

To spawn scorpions in Animal Crossing, you gotta work a bit! First off, make sure it's scorpion season (May to October). Next, clear out the island. I mean, remove everything - trees, stumps, flowers, and rocks. You want a blank canvas. Then, just keep wandering around, especially after 7 PM. Scorpions will start showing up. Oh, and keep your net ready, 'cause they're quick to attack!

avatarNailingSurgea month ago

Scorpions? Just get lucky, really. Clearing the island helps but sometimes it's just about being in the right place at the right time.

avatarReplyingThefta month ago

Honestly, chasing scorpions isn't worth the hassle. Fishing is where it's at. Relaxing and profitable.

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