How do you start over on Animal Crossing?

avatarSawingBullya month ago
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avatarRemovingMytha month ago

Just delete your save data, fam. System Settings > Data Management > Delete Save Data > Animal Crossing. Rip the bandaid off and start anew!

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avatarVitriolingMoutha month ago

Did it once, regretted it a second later. Make sure you're 100% on board to lose everything before you go through with it. It's in System Settings > Data Management, and you can't go back once it's done.

avatarCorsetingJokea month ago

Starting over in Animal Crossing is pretty easy but also a bit drastic since you'll be saying goodbye to your current island. Just go to the System Settings on your Nintendo Switch, scroll down to Data Management, then go to Delete Save Data. Select Animal Crossing from the list and confirm you want to delete your save data. Remember, this wipes everything clean, so make sure you really want to start from scratch!

avatarResolvingGamea month ago

Honestly? Just create a new profile on your Switch instead of deleting your whole island. This way, you get a fresh start without losing your original island's progress. It's like having the best of both worlds.

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