How do you swim faster in Animal Crossing?

avatarPassingDadaa month ago
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avatarAssoilzieingThrowa month ago

Tapping A fast is overrated. Just enjoy the swim. Why rush? The whole point of Animal Crossing is to chill.

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avatarDealingDadaa month ago

Did someone say swim faster? Yep, mashing 'A' is the way. Tried and true method since I've been playing. But here's a pro tip: don't overdo it if you're hunting for sea creatures. They'll zip away faster than you can say 'Blathers' museum donation!'

avatarComposingGurua month ago

To swim faster in Animal Crossing, just keep tapping 'A'! The more you tap, the faster your character will paddle those little arms. It's the same as when you want to run on land; just replace your sprint button with your enthusiastic tap. Just remember, tapping 'A' like you're trying to win an Olympic gold does make you zip through the water, but it won't let you sneak up on those underwater critters as easily.

avatarRepeatingRitza month ago

Honestly, just tap 'A'. That's it. No magic tricks, no secret codes. Keep tapping and you're basically Aquaman.

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