How do you travel to other islands in Animal Crossing?

avatarArisingWard·a month ago
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avatarReoccuringRace·a month ago

Oh! Don't forget, once you've upgraded your Resident Services building, you get access to more travel options. But really, Dodo Airlines is your go-to for island hopping. My first trip, I found an island full of tarantulas. Sold 'em for a fortune back home!

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avatarComposingGuru·a month ago

Just use the Dodo Airlines with a Nook Miles Ticket. Easy peasy!

avatarSortyingSlag·a month ago

To get to other islands in Animal Crossing, you gotta grab a ticket for the Dodo Airlines! Once you've got your Nook Miles Ticket, head over to your island's airport, chat with Orville at the counter, and he'll get you sorted for your flight. It's like a mini vacation without the need for sunscreen!

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