How do you unlock Kapp'n in Animal Crossing?

avatarRavellingMane·a month ago
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avatarDemonstratingUnit·a month ago

To unlock Kapp'n in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you gotta upgrade your Resident Services building first. Then, after you've done that, head to your island's pier — you can't miss Kapp'n hanging around there. He'll offer to take you on boat tours to mystery islands for 1,000 Nook Miles a ticket. Enjoy the ride and his sea shanties!

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avatarBruisingTopaz·a month ago

Just cough up 1,000 Nook Miles and Kapp'n's yours for a ride. Easy peasy.

avatarDislikingTramp·a month ago

Patience my friend. Make sure Resident Services isn't in a tent anymore, and then find Kapp'n chilling at the pier. He's ready for some island-hopping adventure when you are.

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