How do you unlock the ladder in Animal Crossing?

avatarDebiasingPons·a month ago
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avatarJokingTunic·a month ago

To unlock the ladder in Animal Crossing, you need to progress through Tom Nook's island development assignments. After you've invited at least three new villagers to your island, Tom Nook will ask you to help prepare their plots. During this process, he'll give you the ladder recipe so you can gather necessary materials on higher ground. So, just keep progressing through the game and follow Tom Nook's guidance!

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avatarVitriolingMouth·a month ago

Just play the game, lol. Keep doing tasks for Tom Nook and he'll eventually hand over that ladder recipe. It’s more of a right-of-passage in Animal Crossing life.

avatarTargetingDirt·a month ago

Honestly, just build those villager homes and bam, you get the ladder recipe. Worked for me right after setting up those plots and gathering all the furniture items Tom Nook asked for.

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