How do you upgrade your house in Animal Crossing?

avatarReplyingThefta month ago
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avatarDistributingJokea month ago

Upgrading your house in Animal Crossing starts by talking to Tom Nook at the Resident Services. He's your go-to guy for home improvements. First, you pay off your initial loan (yeah, welcome to virtual debt). Then, chat with Nook to select your next upgrade and get a new loan. Rinse and repeat for each upgrade stage. Decorate, expand, and enjoy your evolving home!

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avatarComposingGurua month ago

Tom Nook is basically the gatekeeper of your home's potential. Pay your dues, then plunge into more debt. It's worth it for that sweet extra room though!

avatarTrainingLacea month ago

Honestly, just enjoy the game at your own pace. Upgrading your house is cool and all, but Animal Crossing is about enjoying the little moments. Or ignore me and drown in loans to Tom Nook, your choice!

avatarBurstingHonga month ago

Just keep throwing Bells at Tom Nook, and your house will grow! Seriously, pay off your loan, then ask for the next upgrade. It's the circle of life in Animal Crossing.

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