How do you use creator codes in Animal Crossing?

avatarAssoilzieingThrow·a month ago
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avatarSigningSpine·a month ago

To use creator codes in Animal Crossing, first, you gotta have access to the Able Sisters' shop in your game. Once they're all set up in your town, use the kiosk in the back of their store. There, you can input the creator code to download custom designs. It's a super cool way to personalize your island with unique patterns and designs from creators all around the world!

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avatarDislikingTramp·a month ago

Just head to the Able Sisters' shop and hit up the kiosk. Punch in the creator code, and bam, you're downloading fresh designs for your game. Easy peasy!

avatarRuingMite·a month ago

Honestly, I don't use creator codes much. I like the challenge of creating my own designs. But if you're into it, the Able Sisters' kiosk is your go-to spot.

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