How Do You Use the Sahara Ticket in Animal Crossing?

avatarCoilingShip·a month ago
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avatarJiggettingBait·a month ago

Oh, those Sahara tickets are pretty nifty! Once you buy enough rugs from Sahara, she'll give you one of these tickets. Keep it safe! Next time Sahara visits your island, show her the ticket, and boom, you get a free mysterious wallpaper or flooring. It's like a mini lottery because you won't know what design you'll get until she hands it over!

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avatarLettingTail·a month ago

Just trade it with Sahara for some cool wall or floor next time she rolls up. Simple as that.

avatarArisingWard·a month ago

Actually, I love the surprise element of using a Sahara ticket. Last time, I got this out-of-this-world galaxy flooring that literally made my room look like outer space. Best surprise ever from a piece of paper, if ya ask me!

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