How do you use wrapping paper in Animal Crossing?

avatarBruisingTopaz·a month ago
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avatarCoilingShip·a month ago

lol just wrap stuff and give it to your villagers, they love it. Makes you besties faster too!

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avatarAlightingTang·a month ago

Wrapping paper isn't just for decor, it actually helps improve your relationships with the villagers. I wrapped every gift before giving it out and noticed my friendships improved way faster. Plus, it’s just fun seeing all the different patterns.

avatarAffordingAggie·a month ago

Oh, using wrapping paper in Animal Crossing is super easy and adds a nice touch when you’re gifting items to your island's residents! First, buy some wrapping paper from Nook's Cranny. Then, open your inventory, select the wrapping paper, and choose the “Wrap” option. Now, select the item you wanna wrap from your inventory. Voilà! You've got yourself a nicely wrapped gift ready to make someone's day.

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