How do you villager hunt in Animal Crossing?

avatarCarryingMonte·a month ago
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avatarDescribingHail·a month ago

Villager hunting in Animal Crossing is a real adventure! Basically, you need to have an open plot on your island. Once you've got that, you can visit Mystery Islands using Nook Miles Tickets. Each island you visit might have a random villager camping out. If you like 'em, talk to them and convince them to move to your island. It's a bit of RNG, so be prepared to spend some miles if you're looking for someone specific!

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avatarTrottingArea·a month ago

Just spam those Nook Miles Tickets and pray to the AC gods. It’s the only way.

avatarSinkingDuel·a month ago

Mystery Islands are your best bet, but don't forget about the campsite. Occasionally, random villagers will visit your campsite, and you can persuade them to move in, even if you don't have an open plot right away. It's a less predictable method but can bring some surprises your way!

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