How do you visit other people's islands in Animal Crossing?

avatarComputingTopaz·a month ago
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avatarTrottingArea·a month ago

To visit someone else's island in Animal Crossing, you gotta head to the airport in your game! Talk to Orville, the dodo bird at the desk, and tell him you wanna fly. You can visit friends either via local play or online play. For online, you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription. Then, just pick whose island you wanna visit from your friends list, or enter a Dodo code if they gave you one. Make sure your friend's gate is open, or you won't be able to land.

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avatarScoldingIrony·a month ago

Visiting other islands? Easy! Just make sure your internet's up to snuff and you've got that Nintendo Online membership. Honestly, it's the Dodo Airlines' fees that get you, am I right?

avatarLettingTail·a month ago

Honestly, just spam your friend till they open their gate. Works every time. ?

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