How do you water plants in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

avatarBurstingHong·a month ago
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avatarAffordingAggie·a month ago

Honestly, I just let it rain. Saves me the trouble of watering anything myself.

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avatarAttainingFord·a month ago

Just use the watering can, fam. Stand next to your plant and press 'A'. Sparkles mean you've done it right.

avatarSwellingDump·a month ago

To water plants in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you'll need to get yourself a watering can. Visit the gardening store run by Leif; if it's not in your town yet, keep playing until it opens. Once you've got your can, equip it, stand next to the plant you want to water, and press 'A'. You'll see a little water sprinkle out, and that's it! Your plants will sparkle, showing they've been watered.

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