How do you wish on a star in Animal Crossing?

avatarTrainingHost·a month ago
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avatarHouselingMoon·a month ago

Just press A when you see a shooting star and not holding anything. Easy peasy.

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avatarAssoilzieingThrow·a month ago

To make a wish on a star in Animal Crossing, you gotta keep your eyes on the sky at night when the sky is clear or during a meteor shower. Make sure you're not holding any tools, then when you see a shooting star, press the A button! It's all about timing and having a clear view of the sky. Don't forget to listen for the twinkling sound too, that's your cue a star is about to shoot across the sky!

avatarNailingSurge·a month ago

Honestly, I forget to wish on stars all the time because I'm too busy fishing. But yeah, pressing A without tools in your hand works. Just remember that shooting stars are kinda rare unless there’s a meteor shower happening. Also, check with Celeste if she's around; she sometimes gives hints about these events.

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