How do Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards work?

avatarAlightingTang·a month ago
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avatarHouselingMoon·a month ago

Honestly, they're just a way to spend more money. But if you're super into collecting or really want a specific villager, go for it.

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avatarDepetallingMummy·a month ago

Just tap the amiibo card to your Switch and boom, you get to hang out with your favorite characters or snag some cool stuff. It’s like magic, but with more pixels and adorable animals.

avatarDescribingHail·a month ago

Animal Crossing Amiibo cards work by scanning them using your Nintendo Switch's NFC touchpoint. Each card represents a character from the Animal Crossing series, and scanning them can invite that character to visit your island, or even move in! Plus, some cards unlock special in-game items or content. It's like adding a new friend or item with a simple tap!

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