How does Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise work?

avatarWhammellingSuite·a month ago
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avatarGroaningRush·a month ago

Happy Home Paradise is basically like a whole new game within Animal Crossing where you get to design holiday homes. It's all about creativity and making your clients happy. If you love the decorating part of Animal Crossing, you'll be obsessed with this DLC!

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avatarAttallingHalt·a month ago

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise is an expansion pack for the main game in which you work as a part-time designer for the Paradise Planning team. Your job is to create dream vacation homes for various characters, based on their specific requests and themes. You get a budget for each project and access to a wide range of furniture and decorations to fulfill your client's wishes. The more homes you design, the more items and design options you unlock, making it a super rewarding experience. Plus, you can apply the skills and items you acquire back in your own island!

avatarNickelingAlan·a month ago

Honestly, it's just paying to do more jobs. But, if you're into designing and decorating, it's pretty cool.

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