How does Animal Crossing know the weather?

avatarTargetingDirt·a month ago
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avatarEnvassalingTier·a month ago

I always thought it was using some magic internet weather forecast to match my local weather, but turns out, it's just good old game design. The weather in Animal Crossing changes with the seasons and time of day, not the actual weather. So, no real-world weather tracking, just clever programming to make the game world feel as real as possible.

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avatarSortyingSlag·a month ago

Animal Crossing uses the console's internal clock and calendar to mimic real-world time and seasons. So, the game doesn't actually 'know' the real-world weather outside your window, but it simulates weather patterns based on the in-game season and time. For instance, you'll see snow during the winter months and rain in the spring, making the island feel alive and dynamic!

avatarAlteringBeryl·a month ago

Nah, it doesn't sync with real-life weather. It'd be cool if it did, though.

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