How Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons Work?

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avatarNailingSurge·a month ago

Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops you onto a deserted island courtesy of the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package! Here, your main goal is to create your very own paradise. You'll start with a tent, but as you gather resources, fish, catch bugs, and sell items, you'll earn Bells (the game's currency) to upgrade your home and decorate your island. You can also visit other players' islands! Time in the game syncs with the real world, so seasons change, and there are always new things to discover. Plus, with updates and events throughout the year, the game keeps expanding. It's really what you make of it; whether you're a hardcore designer wanting the perfect island aesthetic or just want to chill with your animal friends, ACNH has something for everyone.

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avatarSigningSpine·a month ago

ACNH? It's simple. Live your best island life, minus the hassle of real life. Want to sell weeds and fish to pay off a home loan from a raccoon? You can. And remember, it's not just a game; it's an escape to a world where the biggest worry is what wallpaper to pick.

avatarWarningSquad·a month ago

Think of it as a chill life sim where you're debt-free and surrounded by cute animals. You do you, whether that's bug catching, fishing, or beachcombing!

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