How does Elden Ring play on Steam Deck?

avatarForetellingTable8 days ago
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avatarRequestingFinal8 days ago

Elden Ring plays pretty well on the Steam Deck! You might need to tweak the settings a bit to get the best performance, but it's totally doable.

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avatarWipingBride8 days ago

Runs great on Steam Deck! Just lower a few graphics settings if you wanna keep it smooth.

avatarReoccuringRace8 days ago

From my experience, Elden Ring plays decently on the Steam Deck. Had to adjust the settings, but it was worth it for portable Soulsborne action.

avatarRuingMite8 days ago

Elden Ring? On Steam Deck? It's a match made in gaming heaven! You can enjoy it on the go with some minor tweaks!

avatarRollingHank8 days ago

Honestly, Elden Ring on the Steam Deck isn't perfect. You'll probably have to compromise on graphics quality to get a stable framerate.

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