How Does Hogwarts Run on Steam Deck?

avatarSortyingSlag·10 days ago
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avatarRequestingFinal·10 days ago

I’ve been playing Hogwarts Legacy on my Steam Deck, and it’s like having a mini-Hogwarts in my hands. Don't forget to lower some settings for smooth gameplay.

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avatarTargetingDirt·10 days ago

Hot take: Runs fine, but not as smooth as a high-end PC. Still pretty impressive for a handheld!

avatarColoringNoon·10 days ago

Hogwarts Legacy runs great on the Steam Deck! You'll need to tweak the graphics settings a bit for the best performance, but it's totally playable and looks amazing.

avatarPracticingClock·10 days ago

My experience: Hogwarts Legacy runs decently on the Steam Deck after dialing down the graphics. Expect some battery drain, though!

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