How does interest work in Animal Crossing?

avatarRepeatingRitz·a month ago
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avatarReroutingTopaz·a month ago

Interest in Animal Crossing is super chill, just like everything else in the game. Basically, you stash your Bells (the in-game currency) in the ABD (Automatic Bell Dispenser) at the Post Office or Resident Services, depending on which game version you're playing. Every month, you earn a bit of interest on your balance. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme but a nice little bonus for saving up instead of spending all your Bells on furniture and clothes.

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avatarEarningOunce·a month ago

Interest rates in AC? Lol, don't expect to fund your island expansion with it. It's pretty low, but hey, free Bells for doing nothing.

avatarWipingBride·a month ago

Honestly, the interest system in Animal Crossing is more of a cute feature than a financial strategy. You get a small percentage added to your savings each month. It's nice, but you'll probably make more Bells catching bugs and fish.

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